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Sunripe(1976)Ltd is a vertically integrated independent grower, processor, exporter and marketer of fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. We have a diverse range of products that deliver the best possible quality and freshness to the most demanding market requirements.

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Sunripe limited also ship out Bulk fruits i.e Pineapples, passion fruits and avocados. With the ever evolving market and technology,Sunripe has invested in a state of the art Avocados processing facility in Limuru Kenya.

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Sunripe has invested in a fleet of trucks traversing the vast climatic regions of kenya moving fresh produce from our strategically located farms and also from those of our contracted farmers in central part of kenya and around the Mt. Kenya region. This ensures we get a 24/7 fresh produce supply chain.

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Sunripe group

Sunripe group consists of several independent companies working together to complete supply from between the region and international, with the objective of ensuring 52 weeks supply to the customers. This companies are:

TSA International

Serengeti fresh ltd

Freight In time ltd

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